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Czwartek 20 września 2018
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Poniedziałek 27 marca 2017

Spotkanie z Januszem Szlechtą w Instytucie Józefa Piłsudskiego

We wtorek, 28 marca, w Instytucie Józefa Piłsudskiego w Ameryce poprowadzę spotkanie z redaktorem „Nowego Dziennika” Januszem Szlechtą, autorem książki „Widziane stąd”.
Niedziela 22 września 2013

Jak na drożdżach

Jak na drożdżach rośnie, przybierając różne kształty, fascynacja osobą Kazimierza Nowaka, podróżnika z czasów II Rzeczpospolitej. I to tak naprawdę dzieje się za przyczyną tylko jednego człowieka. Łukasz Wierzbicki zafascynowany opowieściami swojego dziadka poświęcił lata nad ochroną od zapomnienia postaci świetnego podróżnika i reportażysty.
Czwartek 11 lipca 2013

Historia pierwszych lat Polskiego Instytutu Naukowego

Praca Beaty Dorosz "Nowojorski pasjans" jest do kupienia w EK Polish Bookstore
Informacje o nowościach, zapowiedziach, promocjach...

tel. 201 355 7496

212 594 2266 ext. 299

EK Polish Bookstore
70 Outwater Lane
Garfield, NJ 07026

  • "Pan Tadeusz" tells the story of two feuding families and the young lovers caught in the middle. Adding to the intrigue, Napoleon is camped in Warsaw, preparing to attack the occupying Russian forces. Woven into the historic tapestry are memorable characters such as the sultry coquette, virtuous maiden, besotted young officer, corrupt... więcej


  • Poland in the second decade of the 21st century - what it is like? It is a fascinating mixture of tradition and modernity, centuries-old monuments and innovative architectural solutions. 1000 Years in the Heart of Europe offers a journey through this varied country. Almost 400 colour photos show a true kaleidoscope of landscapes: from dunes at... więcej


  • Poland—a patch of Europe located between the Baltic Sea and the Tatra Mountains, a country with a complicated past, repeatedly rising from ruins and fighting for its self-determination. Numerous ancient monuments of material history, traces of old cultures, customs and traditions, landscape and nature—all attempted to be shown in 20... więcej


  • After Kordian, a 15-year-old romantic, suffers rejection in love and survives an unsuccessful suicide attempt, he travels through Europe, learning the importance of money. He changes from an adolescent dreamer into a youth in quest of a purpose; in a moment of epiphany, the tragic lover transforms into an idealistic patriot. Inspired by Arnold... więcej


  • Archbishop Mieczyslaw Mokrzycki, the Pope's second personal secretary, speaks about some unknown facts about the life of the Holy Father in an interview with Brygida Grysiak, a journalist of the TVN24 Television. He speaks about an ordinary day of John Paul II in the Vatican, about what was making him emotional and what was making him laugh,... więcej


  • This volume contains more than 50 of the best-loved and most-read, the best-selling and most-studied poems of Boleslaw Lesmian, one of Poland’s greatest poets of all time. His poetry is unique on a world scale: it is universal and profoundly humane; it is a quest to fathom out the unknowable, to express the inexpressible, to grasp all the... więcej


  • Chronological review of the career of Dr. Gromada, Professor Emeritus of History, New Jersey City University and past President and Executive Director of the Polish Institute of Arts & Sciences of America. Gromada traces in detail his record since 1959 as a scholar, teacher, administrator, organizer of academic and cultural events, and... więcej


  • The book commemorates the 40th anniversary of the death of one of Poland's greatest historians who during and after World War II found haven in the United States and tragically found it impossible to return to a Poland transformed into a Polish Peoples Republic. It contains moving inspirational eulogies delivered at a Memorial Service held... więcej