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Czwartek 25 maja 2017
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Blog - Anna Śpiewak

Środa 13 lipca 2011

Male strippers: the shoe is finally on the other foot!

Since the beginning of time, women were considered men\'s sexual objects of desire, therefore the good-ol\' striptease was a patriarchal favorite pastime for years. But now, a new breed of bear-it-alls has come along - of the masculine persuasion – finally bringing entertainment to the fairer sex.
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Środa 18 maja 2011

A citizen without a country or a citizen of the world?

How many of us feel as if we are citizens without a country?
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Środa 06 kwietnia 2011

The ethnic low self-esteem syndrome

Discouraged by parents, teachers and servers in the Eastern Block, Polish people\'s self worth has no place to go but down, unless we change the ethnic trend of putting our countrymen down.
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Czwartek 24 marca 2011

The reversed language barrier

Poles in America can relate to the language barrier they face everyday in a foreign country, but how does one feel working for a Polish paper in an American society? Riddle me that.
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